General information

Code: U2700
Language: English
Product: CorVu NG
Format(s): Classroom
Number of Days: 4 Half Days (4 hrs per day)

Course description:
This course is designed to teach content authors the basics of CorVu NG development in a U2 environment. Students will learn about the robust potential of Query, Visual Reporting and Dashboards capabilities addition to creating a workspace, a data source to a U2 database, personal and shared repositories. Beginning users will learn how to create simple queries and use powerful tools to sort and modify result sets. Students will learn how to add graphical objects to a report layer in addition to becoming familiar with the Project Explorer and the many adjustable properties available at each layer level. Students are introduced to dashboards from storyboard to creating an interactive functional dashboard, including wizards, the Visual Designer, and Project Explorer objects such as Globals, Queries and Scenes.

Your new skills:
After completing the course you should be able to
• Describe CorVu NG
• Open the CorVu NG Workstation Pro Eclipse-based User Interface (UI)
• Describe user perspectives
• Create and connect to a personal repository
• Create and populate a workspace
• Configure a personal User Perspective
• Build a query against the U2 XDEMO database
• Modify sorting options and implement constraints
• Investigate display characteristics
• Investigate data formatting, display, and font options
• Use aggregation techniques
• Investigate components of the Visual Report project
• Promote a query to a Visual Report
• Add a chart object to a report
• Describe and use Visual Report layers and properties
• Use the Expression Designer
• Define Visual Dashboards
• Storyboard a dashboard project
• Use the Visual Designer perspective
• Create a new dashboard
• Investigate Project Explorer content including Globals, Queries, Scenes
• Modify and enhance dashboard
• Run and save queries, reports and dashboards to a repository

Who should attend
This course is designed for CorVu NG content developers who wish to development rich visualizations of business data through queries, highly formatted reports or interactive dashboards.

In order to attend this course you must have the following skills or completed the following courses:
UniVerse Fundamentals (U2800), or equivalent knowledge
UniData Fundamentals (U2200), or equivalent knowledge

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