Rocket® R/Link: Secure Enterprise File Sharing for Rocket’s MultiValue Databases

rlinkatom R/Link is a comprehensive solution for secure file sharing, managed file transfer, and universal information access that resides on your network or private cloud. R/Link’s browser-based interface enables you to access your critical information anywhere, anytime, while granular user permissions and comprehensive logging ensure compliance. During this webinar, join R/Link sales representative Grayson Flaim, and Director of Development Steve Bireley, to learn more about how R/Link works with Rocket’s MultiValue Databases.


Rocket® NetCure: MultiValue-Aware Automated 24 x 7 Management of Networks, Servers, and Applications

Netcure Improve availability of enterprise services with real-time automated root cause analysis of failures and predictive performance metrics. Rocket NetCure autodiscovers and manages complex multi-vendor networks, correlating events across traditional management boundaries. During this webinar, join Tim Hill, Rocket’s Solution Engineer for Network Management, and learn more about how NetCure works with Relational and MultiValue Databases including U2


Rocket Aldon Lifecycle Manager for Rocket U2 Databases

arrows Aldon Lifecycle Manager is Rocket’s Enterprise Software Configuration and Change Management solution. The latest version of Rocket Aldon LM has built-in support for Rocket UniData and Rocket UniVerse including Programs, Data Dictionary Items, Schema Changes, TCL, wIntegrate, AE, and ED. Aldon LM simplifies audit compliance, facilitates task and backlog management, enforces quality standards, and secures and manages access to software assets. During this webinar, join Chris White, Rocket’s Director of Solutions Engineering for Aldon, and learn more about how Aldon LM works with U2.


Rocket® CorVu NG – Exquisite Data Visualization and High-Impact Analytics Natively from Rocket U2 Data Sources

corvuforu2 Rocket CorVu NG now features a fully native interface that provides unique value from and insight into the Rocket U2 MultiValue databases, Rocket UniData and Rocket UniVerse. During this webinar, join Rocket CorVu Pre-Sales Consultant Doug Anderson and Rocket MultiValue Evangelist Michael Byrne to learn more about how CorVu NG works with Rocket’s MultiValue Databases. Highlights include demonstrations of how to build queries with an easy top down approach, search capabilities and optional use of TCL, retrieval of Dictionary Metadata definitions with the ability to override if needed, and how to utilize additional visual design capabilities for quicker deployment and multiple device support.