Rocket Software® is proud to announce Rocket CorVu NG 3.0!

Rocket Software is just as committed to improving the User Experience (UX) as they are the functionality of their products. Creating the best enterprise software products is as much about understanding the user’s role as it is about enabling new technology. All of the enhancements cited below are driven by Rocket’s continued focus on UX .

Highlights of This Release Include:

Redesigned Visual Query Editor – This features a significant, newly developed data discovery component with the “Suggested Tables” view which helps query developers quickly identify any additional tables that may be needed. In addition, not only has a new GUI component to control conditions (equal to, greater/less than, etc.) been added, but the ‘Field Select’ component has been reoriented so it appears as a vertical list – resulting in a UI much more familiar to the SQL savvy persona. And, now included is anin-situ SQL editor, this enhanced utility highlights an improved focus on the developer’s role, making their experience more intuitive and the functionality easier to use.

Procedure Builder – A highly visual and intuitive editor enabling the automation and scheduling of many more objects and workflows are now possible. Logical junctions can also be applied that enable the outcome of procedures to vary depending on conditions detected in the data at any stage of the workflow. For more advanced users, there is also a JavaScript editor panel for maximum flexibility.

Streamlined Chart Deployment to Canvas – This functionality enables query developers to directly embed charts populated by data from visual/analytical queries onto the Visual Designed Dashboard Canvas. Such charts, once embedded, feature their own click action that can read any value/setting component to populate global variables or dynamically drive behaviour of the dashboard. This enhancement is important as it greatly improves the accessibility to the whole data driven visual design realm.

Responsive Design for Any Device – Deliver the same story to any device in a manner that takes account of the user’s local screen resolution and orientation. The Visual Designer has powerful new functionality that allows developers to specify visual layouts automatically based on the available real estate of the destination device – auto detected from the device itself.

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What does CorVu NG look like?
Explore Rocket’s new screenshots section, with views and explanations of a CorVu NG Regulatory Dashboard, geo-spatial analysis, strategic visualization, and a sample metrics template.

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