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Peter Russell (Marketing Manager, Sinefa) September 5, 2016

Microsoft APC, Gold Coast, Australia, 5 September 2016. Melbourne-based network technology company Sinefa is delighted to announce the release of Sinefa for Aggregation Points (Sinefa AP). Sinefa AP provides visibility of traffic flowing to and from aggregation points such as network cores, hosting points and data centres.

Chris Siakos, Founder of Sinefa, said “Recent data indicates that most companies are embracing the cloud, but only 13% consider they have successfully migrated, so there is a long way to go. Sinefa AP is a critically important new product because we are finding most network performance issues are caused by users flooding networks with traffic. This traffic is often related to cloud migration or data synchronisation issues; or it is recreational; all of which compromises mission critical applications. With Sinefa AP, network providers can now show their customers how they are using their bandwidth, enabling them to address issues that are impacting network performance. Service providers equipped with Sinefa AP will be able to enhance service levels and reduce customer service costs”.

The first customer for Sinefa AP is Cloud Plus, based in Brisbane and founded by Chief Executive Officer, Jules Rumsey. Cloud Plus is a leading provider of Private Cloud Solutions in Australia. They operate their own Next Generation MPLS Network and cloud services infrastructure and deliver highly integrated solutions for clients and partners.

Mr Rumsey said “Sinefa AP is an important new product that will allow us to give our clients granular visibility of network utilisation without having to deploy equipment at their premises. As it is cloudbased and multi tenanted, we can manage our entire client base from just one screen. This is a highly cost effective solution that we will leverage to further enhance the industry-leading service levels we deliver to our clients. It will allow us to provide application layer detail for traffic on our network, which will assist both our partners and our Network Operations Team to identify and resolve issues more quickly, saving time and reducing cost. It will also further differentiate our network and help to generate additional business through existing and new partners. The team at Sinefa have worked with us to understand our business and tailor a product to suit the needs of service providers. We are excited to be the foundation customer of Sinefa AP and look forward to the benefits it will offer to Cloud Plus, our partners and our clients”.

Mr Siakos added “with rapid adoption of cloud services by Australian businesses, it is essential that their performance is protected over the WAN. Recreational use, data migration or synchronisation issues threaten network performance. Sinefa is an ideal solution, which will enhance the delivery and performance of Cloud services”.

Sinefa AP requires KVM or VMware as a Hyper Visor; or it can be deployed as a hardware probe. In environments greater than 10Gbps, it is recommended that Sinefa AP run on a dedicated appliance. Data related to a given customers links can be segmented, providing a dedicated view of data for that customer via a secure online portal or static reports.


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