MBS is an Authorised Independent Training Provider for U2 Software. We have 7 instructors certified in the U2 courses with a wide spread of knowledge and course certifications.

The courses currently available are listed below. As courses are added to the AITP program MBS will offer them as soon as possible.

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U2 UniData Fundamentals

In this hands-on, introductory course, the focus is on how to use UniData. Learn both the process and the theory of querying the database and creating specialized reports. Build a database file from scratch, including creating a data dictionary, entering data, and then exchanging data with other database files. Learn the Environment Control Language (ECL) and the Alternative Editor (AE). Explore advanced ECL topics, including running background processes at scheduled times and basic administration commands. Also, learn about Process Control Language.

U2 UniData Administration

Learn how to manage a UNIX or Windows-based U2 UniData relational database management system. Learn how to install and configure the software, manage data files, define and maintain security, and monitor system performance. Explore the relationship between UniData and the operating system.

U2 UniVerse Fundamentals

This course provides an introduction to the UniVerse extended relational database environment. Learn about the tools and commands used to input data into storage files, modify data records, and extract the records to produce and print reports. Build a sample database file, including data input through the editor and reporting using the RetrieVe processor. Explore UniVerse commands that perform ad hoc queries, generate and print reports, and create paragraphs to gather or report business information.

U2 UniVerse Administration

Develop the system administration skills you need to manage, maintain, and troubleshoot UniVerse systems. Learn how to modify terminal definition files to correct terminal behavior, such as proper arrow key and function key operation. Learn about and use the different data file types, alternate keys, and transaction logging in lecture and lab exercises. Also, explore other administrative functions, such as print spooler configuration and control, and user process control.

U2 UniData and UniVerse Database Programming

Build on your existing programmer skills by exploring many of the diverse commands and options available with U2 UniData and UniVerse programming. In the lecture and hands-on lab exercises, focus on learning how to use the commands and options that lead to increased programming proficiency and productivity. Explore fundamentals of the development environment, through the primary system tools, and the intricacies of manipulating the native data structures of strings, dynamic arrays, and multivalued fields.

U2 UniData Data Replication Administration

This course is designed to teach how to setup and manage a UniData Data Replication (DR) system. Students will also learn how to configure and tune DR. The ability to perform a failover and failback procedure when necessary are also critical skills taught in this course.

U2 UniData Recoverable File System

Learn how to manage the Recoverable File System portions of a UNIX-based U2 UniData database system. Learn how to install and configure this additional component of UniData. Understand all the necessary pieces and how to maintain them on a daily basis. Be able to use the software to recover from a system or media failure with minimal interruption in service. Become familiar with the tools that allow you to monitor RFS system performance.

U2 Basic Extensions for Advanced Programmers

This course is designed to teach programmers familiar with the U2 Application Development language (U2 Basic) the available extensions to the U2 Basic language and how to effectively use them. Learn methods and techniques to open the U2 database pragmatically to the world of XML and Web Services. The ability to utilize the power of the U2 data servers in a secure and productive manner are critical skills you will learn in this course.

U2 SB+ Essentials

This hands-on course provides an introduction to the functionality and concepts of the SB+ application development environment. Explore application design applicable to both character based and GUI development. Let your imagination soar as you unleash the power of SB+ and very quickly realize results. Gain experience building an application from the ground up, starting with file and dictionary definitions.

U2 SB+ Advanced Development

Learn advanced U2 SB+ development skills through a combination of lecture and laboratory exercises. Build upon an existing application to acquire a detailed understanding of specific SB+ tools. Create complex process definitions that update multiple files, update periodically, validate, and use a job schedule process. In addition, learn how to use the powerful SB+ Report Writer to create complex reports, set up output formats for preprinted forms, generate multipass reports, and route output to specific locations.

CorVu NG Essentials for U2

Learn the basics of CorVu NG development in a U2 environment. Learn about the robust potential of Query, Visual Reporting and Dashboards capabilities addition to creating a workspace, a data source to a U2 database, personal and shared repositories. Discover how to create simple queries and use powerful tools to sort and modify result sets, as well as adding graphical objects to a report layer in addition to becoming familiar with the Project Explorer and the many adjustable properties available at each layer level. Get an introduction to dashboards from storyboard to creating an interactive functional dashboard, including wizards, the Visual Designer, and Project Explorer objects such as Globals, Queries and Scenes.