General information

Code: U2140
Language: English
Product: UniData/UniVerse
Release: UD 7.1 & UV 10.0 or higher
Target audience: Advanced Programmers
Format(s): Classroom
Number of Days: 4 Days

Course description:
This course is designed to teach programmers familiar with the U2 Application Development language (U2 Basic) the available extensions to the U2 Basic language and how to effectively use them. Learn methods and techniques to open the U2 database pragmatically to the world of XML and Web Services. The ability to utilize the power of the U2 data servers in a secure and productive manner are critical skills you will learn in this course.

Your new skills:
After completing this course, you should be able to:

• Implement and use the U2 Socket API
• Use CallHTTP to access a Web Server
• Explain how to utilize XML for export and import XML documents to the U2 data server
• Use the SOAP API in U2 Basic
• Use encryption in transit in U2 Basic
• Explain and use Secure Socket Layer (SSL)
• Use XML/DB Tool to map U2 data to and from XML documents
• Utilize U2 Web Services Developer to create and test Web Services using U2 Data Servers
•  Write Basic programs to use consume U2 Web Services to obtain and write data to a U2 Server
Who should attend
This is an intermediate course designed for programmers familiar with the U2 Application Developer programming language.

Students should have the following skills or completed the following courses:
• U2 UniData Fundamentals (UD2200) or equivalent experience with UniData.
• U2 UniVerse Fundamentals (U2800) or equivalent experience with UniVerse.
• U2 Application Developer (U2120) or equivalent programming experience

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