General information

Code: SB525
Language: English
Product: SB+
Release: 5.4
Format(s): Classroom
Number of Days: 4 Days

Course description:
Learn advanced U2 SB+ development skills through a combination of lecture and laboratory exercises. Build upon an existing application to acquire a detailed understanding of specific SB+ tools. Create complex process definitions that update multiple files, update periodically, validate, and use a job schedule process. In addition, learn how to use the powerful SB+ Report Writer to create complex reports, set up output formats for preprinted forms, generate multipass reports, and route output to specific locations.

Your new skills:
•  Create complex process definitions
•  Design and build menu definitions and function key setup
•  Extract data using Query Report definitions
•  Create standard and complex reports using SB+ Report Writer
•  Include conditional fields and interactive prompting in reports
•  Create multipass reports and control pagination
•  Set up and implement SB+ security
•  Direct printer management and system control parameters
•  Transform your character based SB+ application to Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Who should attend
Application developers and programmers.

U2 SB+ Essentials (SB500)

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