General information

Code: SB500
Language: English
Product: SB+
Release: 5.4
Format(s): Classroom
Number of Days: 4 Days

Course description:
This hands-on course provides an introduction to the functionality and concepts of the SB+ application development environment. Explore application design applicable to both character based and GUI development. Let your imagination soar as you unleash the power of SB+ and very quickly realize results. Gain experience building an application from the ground up, starting with file and dictionary definitions.

Your new skills:
•  Comprehend accounts and files from the SB+ perspective
•  Realize the power of SB+ processes
•  Create simple and complex data entry screens
•  Understand global field definitions
•  Build screens using sequential key mechanisms and accumulators
•  Examine common variables and SB+ expressions
•  Understand paragraph logic and create your own paragraphs
•  View, update, search, and replace data in different files and accounts

Who should attend
Developers, programmers, database and system administrators, and project managers.


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