General information

Code: UD2200
Language: English
Product: UniData
Release: 6.1 or higher
Target audience: System Administrator
Format(s): Classroom
Number of Days: 4 Days

Course description:
In this hands-on, introductory course, the focus is on how to use UniData. Learn both the process and the theory of querying the database and creating specialized reports. Build a database file from scratch, including creating a data dictionary, entering data, and then exchanging data with other database files. Learn the Environment Control Language (ECL) and the Alternative Editor (AE). Explore advanced ECL topics, including running background processes at scheduled times and basic administration commands. Also, learn about Process Control Language.

Your new skills:
After completing this course, you should be able to:
• Probe a data file using LIST and SORT statements
• Use Environment Control Language (ECL) commands and the Alternative Editor (AE) to build a database file
• Create a data dictionary
• Add virtual attributes that perform mathematical calculations and lookup data from other files
• Use the SELECT and MERGE.LIST commands to create select lists and merge two lists together
• Explain alternative key indexes and identify when they exist on a file
• Use ECL to run background processes at scheduled times
• Use basic administration commands including COMO and STATUS
• Use Process Control Language to link several statements into one piece of code
• Describe the UniData data model
Who should attend
This course is designed for application users, database and system administrators, and programmers who have recently purchased, or who are considering purchasing, UniData on UNIX or Windows.


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