General information

Code: UD225
Language: English
Product: UniData
Release: 7.1 or higher
Target audience: System Administrator
Format(s): Classroom
Number of Days: 2 Days

Course description:
Learn how to manage the Recoverable File System portions of a UNIX-based U2 UniData database system. Learn how to install and configure this additional component of UniData. Understand all the necessary pieces and how to maintain them on a daily basis. Be able to use the software to recover from a system or media failure with minimal interruption in service. Become familiar with the tools that allow you to monitor RFS system performance.

Your new skills:
• Recognize components for RFS in a UniData environment
• Install and/or setup for RFS
• Maintain an RFS system
• Backup recoverable files
• Perform system recovery after a failure
• Perform media recovery after a failure
Who should attend
This is a course for UniData database and system administrators who are using or planning to use UniData’s Recoverable File System (RFS).

You should complete:
• U2 UniData Administration (UD200)
Or have equivalent knowledge. You should also have basic understanding of the UNIX or Windows operating system.

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