General information

Code: U2800
Language: English
Product: UniVerse
Release: 10.0 or higher
Target audience: System Administrator
Format(s): Classroom
Number of Days: 4 Days

Course description:
Build on your existing programmer skills by exploring many of the diverse commands and options available with U2 UniData and UniVerse programming. In the lecture and hands-on lab exercises, focus on learning how to use the commands and options that lead to increased programming proficiency and productivity. Explore fundamentals of the development environment, through the primary system tools, and the intricacies of manipulating the native data structures of strings, dynamic arrays, and multivalued fields.

Your new skills:
After completing this course, you should be able to:
• Design simple procedural programs
• Implement these programs in BASIC involving coding, compiling, testing and debugging
• Interact with U2 database files
• Employ techniques which control transfer of data between users, U2 database files and Printers
• Read and modify BASIC programs written by others
Who should attend
This course is designed for Programmers who develop code for the UniVerse or UniData BASIC environment or who port applications from other platforms into UniVerse or UniData BASIC.

In order to attend this course, you must have the following skills or completed the following course:
• UD2200 UniData Fundamentals and/or U2800 UniVerse Fundamentals

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